Evil Elvis - Live Free Or Die
Hey Gang!  Let's talk about Gun Control!

Sometime around 376AD, the Visigoths crossed the Danube River in order to escape the slavery of the invading Huns.  This put them on Roman soil.  They asked and received sanctuary from Emperor Valens.  One of the conditions was the surrender of all of their weapons (sword control?).  They agreed. The Visigoths found they had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  They were kept at near starvation levels and treated as sub-human.  They eventually started trading their children to the Romans for a little dog meat.

Not all of the Visigoths had been so trusting and had hidden caches of weapons.  Using these "illegal arms", they revolted, killing Emperor Valens, freeing themselves from slavery and causing the Romans major headaches.

The moral of this little tale? Weapons control didn't work then and it ain't gonna work now.

And now for a little history where gun control did work:

Concentration Camp victims, Nordhausen Camp, 1945
For those of you who have been taught history in American schools since 1970, this was a result of the Nazi Party (that's a socialist political party by the way) led by one Adolf Hitler.

October 25, 1956
Soviet tanks re-entered Hungary and two days later attack Budapest after a failed Hungarian revolution.  Why did it fail?  Can't fight tanks with rocks and no guns.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - July 1997
A Cambodian man walks past one of the many killing fields on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.  Why did so many die?  Can't fight back with rice and noe guns. 

Tiananmen Square, China June 1989
Notice that the university student in front of the tank is holding his jacket, not a gun.  This is recent enough that I think we all recall what happened.  What did the man and thousands who supported him want?  Freedom.  Didn't get it.  Hard to fight tanks with idealism and no guns.

April 15, 1775 - The Battle of Lexington and Concord

The outcome of this one is a little different. You see, the Colonist had guns.  Because of that one fact, we are American citizens and not British subjects today.  I intend to remain an American citizen.

In case American schools no longer teach all of the facts, the British Army had been sent to Lexington under orders to disarm the colonist.  Like any good emperor, king, queen, dictator, absolutist or autocrat knows, the populace is easier to control if they don't have guns/weapons. 

The man who owns a gun is a citzen.  The man who doesn't is a subject.

What?  You don't agree with what I have written here?  Hey, no problem.  This is America and in America we have the freedom to disagree with each other.  You have the freedom to put up your own web site  that defines your idea's and thoughts about gun control.  You can even post false statistics about how hundreds of children are being killed daily on the streets of America by guns or how certain types of ammunition and assualt weapons are killing hundreds of peace officers.  This is your right as an American Citizen.

Just remember, when all of the guns are gone, only the peace officers, military and criminal element  will have guns.  With that in mind, let me ask you a question.  In the most recent war, did you order the troops into comat?  Maybe your Aunt May in Vermont?

America, stop being idiots and think! Please!