Evil Elvis - Live Free Or Die

A bureaucrat is a Democrat who holds some office that a Republican wants.
 -- Alben W. Barkley 

It would be my guess that there are as many reasons for building a personal web site as there are web sites.  My reason?  Probably the same reason a lot of people do.  To show off ones ability to generate massive amounts of HTML code and have it show up on strangers displays all over the world.

Then again, maybe I am the only one who is a show off.  Yea, right.

Ok, I have relatives and friends scattered across this Great Country.  This site gives me a way to share things with them.  It allows me to practice coding websites.  I can show off my stuff.  I can share my ideas about site building, motorcycling, naturism, mental illness, women and just about anything else I want.

So, that's basically why I built this site.  I have also built and manage these sites.  Go look or don't.  I'll be just as happy either way.

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